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e-BID Plus allows two simultaneous loggins. Should you exceed your login limit,
you will be notified and prompted to close your other browsers with e-BID Pus open.

[System Requirements (to run e-BID Plus)]
  1. Operating System must be Windows 8.1/10 with major browser (Internet Explorer / Edge / Chrome / Firefox / Opera) installed.
  2. Uninterrupted high-speed internet connection is required.
     *If you use a mobile network or wi-fi network system, you may have internet connection problems.
  3. Successful execution under all PC operating systems or browsers is not guaranteed.

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1.. Tozai Auction will transfer to all successful bidders the exhibited equipment "as is" and "where is", and will not provide any guarantees concerning the exhibits. When making a successful bid , canceling or claiming will never be permitted.
2.. Payment must be executed by cash in Japanese Yen. No bill or letter of credit will be accepted. The bank's charges will be paid by the applicants.
3.. Tozai Auction will invoice the successful bidders the total amount as soon as the auction is closed. All payment must be completed within One Week after the closing.
4.. The successful bidders may remove/export the exhibited equipment only after the payment is completed.
5.. The successful bidders shall remove the exhibited equipment within Three Weeks after the closing. Sold exhibits that remain in Tozai's yard after three weeks will be moved to a holding yard. Tozai Bid will invoice the successful bidders the total charge of the inland freight and the additional storage fees.
6.. The stability of this service is highly dependent on the internet communication environment of TOZAI and the user.TOZAI cannot be held responsible for any damage suffered due to internet communication environment problems on either the bidder's or TOZAI's part resulting in delayed reception or non acceptance of bids.
7.. TOZAI reserves the right to confirm the purchase on behalf of the highest bidder if the bidder does not confirm the final bid using the CONFIRM button after a short time has elapsed.